How to Achieve Soft Moisturized Skin in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but my skin has been feeling very dry lately with the change of weather and every body lotion that I have tried just doesn’t feel like it’s soaking into my skin.  I did some research and found out some interesting facts on one of the main ingredients you should know about.  This is how to achieve soft moisturized skin in the winter:

Now that I’m in my fabulous 50’s I realize I need to start taking better care of my skin and look for certain ingredients in my face and body lotions that are beneficial for mature/aging skin.

The Holy Grail Ingredient

One ingredient I found to be beneficial is Glycolic Acid.  What is glycolic acid and why is it important for your skin at this age?  Well, I have talked about how important it is to exfoliate your skin (check out my post about making your own body scrub) and glycolic acid does just that.  It is a gentle exfoliator that removes the outer most layer of dead skin cells revealing bright, new skin.  Glycolic acid also helps smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles, which we all would not be sad to say goodbye to!

Body Lotion

I recently asked a dermatologist what would be a good choice for an anti-aging body lotion and she suggested an alpha-hydroxy product such as Alpha Skin Care Revitalizing  Body Lotion.  This particular lotion has 12% glycolic aha (alpha hydroxy acid) which encourages collagen production and reduces the appearance of those lovely lines and wrinkles.

alpha skin care renewal body lotion

Facial Lotion

I haven’t personally tried this product, but it was recommended to me by someone who has tried it.  Reviva Labs makes a glycolic face cream that has botanical extracts that claims to improve the texture of your skin.  It also claims to improve the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration even on problem skin.  It is an all natural product that gives you a mild non-drying exfoliation.

Reviva Labs 5 percent glycolic acide creme

Top Benefits

Here are the top benefits of glycolic acid and why it’s so important for us mature women:

  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben free
  • It’s a natural and gentle exfoliator
  • Over time you will notice radient, more even skin tone and texture
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Derived from sugar cane, pineapple and sugar beets
  • Ideal for plumping and smoothing the skin

So I think you would agree with me that this natural ingredient, glycolic acid is an important ingredient to look for in your skin care and body lotion.  It is known as the holy grail in complexion perfectors and is highly recommended by dermatologists.

Are you using a product with glycolic acid?  If so, what is it?  I’d love to hear about it.



 don’t know about you, but my skiefacts on how to treat dry, mature skin and I’d like to share these findings with you.

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