How To Rock Leggings at 50

Who says you’re too old to wear leggings?  I will never tell you that!  Don’t think you are too old to wear them because as long as you go for a more chic and classy look, you can create a great outfit.

The Working Girl

Wearing leggings to the office can be a tricky choice, but if you go for a pattern like these tiny checkered leggings, they somehow look a little more sophisticated.  

  • Checkered leggings
  • Black booties with silver accents
  • Black sleeveless blouse
  • Burgundy cardigan
  • Black studded backpack purse
  • Silver jewelry

Street Style

Step out in style in this cute outfit.  You’ll be ready to go run your errands and meet a friend for lunch with this comfy casual look.  Make sure the top is a long style so it covers most of your back side (keep it classy).

  • Grey cotton leggings
  • Grey slip on sneakers
  • Plaid long-sleeve shirt
  • Shiny silver backpack purse
  • Simple silver hoop earrings

Today I’m Inspired

This is a more dressier outfit that you could wear to work and then meet friends for drinks when the day is done.  Find leggings with a little something extra – like a stripe going down each leg and that jazzes up your outfit.

  • Black leggings with stripe accent
  • Gold tie blouse 
  • Black booties with gold accents
  • Classic black purse
  • Gold jewelry

Sweater Weather

I look forward to fall and winter every year because that means I get to bring out my sweaters and long boots.  I like these fall colors, it just makes me feel warm and cozy inside and out.

  • Burgundy leggings
  • Tall boots
  • Oversize cardigan sweater
  • Rouched tank
  • Gold & colored gem jewelry

So remember, when you’re out shopping for leggings, stay away from any loud colors or crazy patterns; that’s when you start looking silly and not chic and classy.  

And for those of you wondering if plus sizes can wear leggings, the answer is yes!


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